Using the Micro Needle to Write Off Your Acne Scars

Using the Micro Needle to Write Off Your Acne Scars

Acne and the scars it leaves behind is the bane of many people right through their teenage years and sometimes even up to the age of 30. At, Opulence Spa, we understand the anxiety, depression, and lack of confidence you face because of the pimples and pock marks. We also understand how acne can affect the quality of your life. To help you regain your self-esteem, we have for you an innovative technique, Eclipse Micropen Therapy or Micro Needling that can write off the acne scars like they never existed.

While acne by itself is not harmful, it can cause unsightly marks on your face, chest, back, and sometimes, even your buttocks. The micro-needling procedures that we have for you are absolutely safe to be used on your face and any other area you might want to clear. In addition to acne scars, micro needling is highly effective for erasing wrinkles and fine lines that can appear with age. In short, this Las Vegas treatment is the one stop solution for all your skin issues, during your teenage and later years.

While we do perform the Henderson procedure on clients of any age, our aesthetician will first examine your skin carefully for any existing acne such as whiteheads, blackheads, cysts or any other bumps and nodes. If needed, she will recommend that you wait until they settle. She might also prescribe some dermatologist-approved ointments to ease the symptoms. This part of the Las Vegas procedure is very essential to make sure that breaking of any pimples does not cause them to spread.

Once your expert therapist is completely satisfied that your skin is ready, he will begin by applying a specialized gel on the area that needs treatment. Next, he moves the micro needle gently over your skin. The tip of the micropen comprises of a series of extremely fine needles. These needles cause minute punctures in your skin that allow the reviving gel to seep into its lower layers. The collagen that is naturally produced by your body in response to the treatment serves to fill in the pits, lines and wrinkles. Soon, you’ll walk away with smooth skin that shows almost no marks.

In the initial few hours, you might notice a bit of redness, but as it dissipates over the next two to three days, you’ll begin to see the difference. Over the next few weeks, as the appearance of your skin improves, you’ll find your self-confidence returning and the mirror will become your new BFF. All that you now need to do is to step out of your home and show off your brand new skin and beautiful new you.

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