BOTOX – The Secret Behind the Youthful Looks of Celebrities

BOTOX – The Secret Behind the Youthful Looks of Celebrities

The fine lines, wrinkles, creases, and folds of skin you see are not just because of aging. They can occur because of the sun’s effects on the elasticity of your skin and the resultant moisture loss. Pollution can also damage your skin and cause the lines you see. You’ve probably heard a lot about how celebrities are using BOTOX injectables with amazing results. It’s time to try them on the hottest celebrity you know, YOU! At the Las Vegas aesthetic center, Opulence Spa!

BOTOX works beautifully on the crow’s feet in the corners of your eyes and the frown lines between your brows. Use them on the laugh lines at the corners of your mouth or even to give your lips a fuller appearance. If you have been noticing folds of skin in your décolletage, you can opt for BOTOX injections to relax them. However, do keep in mind that these injectables available at our Henderson spa, can work only on the lines that result from your facial expressions. If you see the lines even when your face is at rest, you might have to opt for other anti-aging solutions.

#BOTOX injectables is a procedure that has been used by millions of people all over the world. It is approved by the FDA so you can rest assured that they are absolutely safe to use. Initially, they were used in the medical world to counter problems like excessive sweating, neck spasms, overactive bladder, and nervous tics. That’s because the compounds in BOTOX can block the nerve impulses from reaching the muscles so that they are prevented from contracting and causing lines. But, at our Las Vegas spa, we use them to erase the signs of aging so you have smooth skin that glows with youth and vitality.

Should you sign up for the BOTOX injectables treatment at our Henderson spa, our expert dermatologist begins by applying a topical cream, ice, or vibrators on your skin to numb it. This step is essential to minimize the possible discomfort you might feel. Next, using an extremely fine needle, she will inject a minute quantity of the compound in the problem areas of your skin. For crow’s feet, you might need three injections while frown lines need up to 5 injections. There is no down time involved and you can go back to your daily activities right away.

You can expect that the effects of your BOTOX treatment will begin to appear within a week and will last for the next six months. The only precaution you need to take is to refrain from massaging or rubbing your skin.

For more information about the procedure that can make you look stunning, you only need to call or contact us at the Opulence Spa 702-733-8810. Soon you’ll have gorgeous skin that makes you look like the celebrity you are.


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