The Loving Touches of the Lomi Lomi Massages at Opulence Spa

The Loving Touches of the Lomi Lomi Massages at Opulence Spa

At Opulence Spa, we like to bring you healing and rejuvenating techniques from all over the world. In keeping with this philosophy, we have for you yet another rich, authentic therapy that has the power to heal your mind, body, emotions, and soul and bring complete love and harmony to you. These are the Lomi Lomi Massages brought to you all the way from Hawaii. Experience the loving and calming touches of our Henderson massage therapist as healing energy flows gently into your body bringing with it soothing effects that you will notice instantly and for a long while afterwards.

Lomi Lomi massages, also called the “Loving Hands” massage has its roots in the Polynesian philosophy of Huna. Huna states that every entity in the universe seeks love and harmony. This is why; the Las Vegas massage therapist that we assign to you uses long, fluid yet extremely gentle strokes that nurture every cell in your body. Huna also believes that a human being is a comprehensive package of thoughts, memory, emotions and behaviors. And, all of these feelings are not just in the mind, but in every cell of the body. Thus, the massage works to help the cells get rid of these old feelings so that new ones filled with harmony can take their place.

Your Henderson Lomi Lomi massage also works to remove any obstructions in the healing energy flows of the body so that you are completely relaxed and rejuvenated. This is because; when energy flows in the body are blocked, it results in various illnesses. As the movement of lymph and blood is restored in the body, you will feel like you have come alive on the mental and spiritual level as well as the physical level.

The Lomi Lomi massage therapist uses a completely new approach by first creating an ambience of quiet and peace. Next, the healer places the hands on your back and says a small prayer invoking the energy of the universe to heal you. After asking you about the special care and treatment you’re looking for, the healer designs the Las Vegas massage accordingly. These massages are sometimes directed at different parts of the body at a single time so that a balance is gradually introduced into the body. The healer might also hum a little so that the vibrations of sounds further work to heal and bring new life into your mind, soul and body.

Fascinated and intrigued? Try these massages at our Opulence Spa and you will never be the same again. Call us or contact us for more information and let us introduce you to this wonderful new massage therapy.




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