The Magic of Opulent Spa Dermaplaning Facials

The Magic of Opulent Spa Dermaplaning Facials

Have you ever looked at your skin in the mirror and wondered why it seems so dull and lifeless even after you’ve washed it carefully? So, what can you do to bring back the youthful glow that looks healthy and attractive? Try our dermaplaning facials at Henderson. Dermaplaning is an awesome cleansing therapy that is absolutely safe to use and is non-invasive. This means that only the top surface of your skin is cleaned using no chemicals or other irritants.

The main cause of a dull and tired skin is the dead cells that accumulate on it. The fine hair on your face, also called vellus hair, collects oil deposits, and dirt and tends to hold it against your skin. Dermaplaning facials can not only remove the dead cells but they also remove the vellus hair, effectively removing the dirt traps. Thus, they leave your skin clean and fresh.

The Las Vegas/Henderson dermaplaning facials that we have for you are conducted with the use of a special instrument that is moved on your skin at a 45-degree angle. The esthetician first examines your skin and checks for acne or overactive sebaceous glands. If you have any of these conditions, you might be asked to wait a while until they settle down. Once they do, the dermaplaning facials can effectively remove the acne scars giving your skin a lovely, smooth texture. These Henderson also work very well on the fine lines and light wrinkles you might have.

The best positive? These treatments don’t need any down time and you can go on with your normal workdays, as usual. In addition, if you’re considering taking added forms of treatment to deal with any other skin issues you have, the exfoliation that dermaplaning provides is the ideal first step. It can actually work to make the ensuing treatments more effective.

Let’s talk about some often-asked questions. Are there any after-effects? Not at all. Yes, it does remove the vellus or peach fuzz, but you can be rest assured that it won’t grow back darker or thicker. That’s just a common misconception. Peach fuzz is naturally fine and no amount of cutting can make it coarse. How often will you need to repeat the treatment? An expert dermaplaning facial taken by an experienced and well-trained therapist can last you at least 4 weeks. And, you can make it remain longer by using mild scrubs when you feel your skin is losing some of that amazing glow.

Ready for more information? Call us or contact us at Opulence Spa and schedule an appointment. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this very effective therapy that will leave your skin luminescent and you, incredibly beautiful.


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