Sensual, Sensational Eyelash Extensions

Sensual, Sensational Eyelash Extensions

Thick, luscious eyelashes and the sensual appeal they add to your eyes cannot be denied. If you have always looked at pictures of models and celebrities and envied their gorgeous eyes, it’s time to get your own. It’s understandable that you might be wary of getting artificial products that could possibly irritate your eyes. This is why; at Opulence Spa, we have come up with the ideal solution. We have for you the highest quality and most innovative eyelash extensions, the Bella Lash 100% Real Mink. These eyelashes are completely natural and not only look superb, but feel like a part of your original ones, blending perfectly with them.

At our Las Vegas spa, you can count on us to keep pace with the newest developments in the beauty industry that is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of women everywhere. We make sure that our lash artists have only the best and most innovative of products and equipment to work with so they can provide you with those dream eyelashes you’ve always wanted. They feel soft, realistic, and move perfectly. Once they’ve been placed, you’re not likely to feel them, unlike other artificial products. And, the effect is utterly striking, something you could never achieve with the humble mascara.

Here’s another positive. The eyelash extension treatment that you can get at our Henderson beauty studio includes a special process for the eyelashes so that they maintain that dreamy curled effect. Other products tend to lose that gentle curl after a time. But, you can be sure that the Bella lash 100% Real Mink eyelashes with their C-curl will stay just the way they are, even after prolonged use.

You also have the option of choosing the kind of lashes you like best. The standard diameter of Bella Lash 100% Real Mink is the actual thickness of the fur that grows on minks. But, these eyelashes are available in different lengths ranging from 8 through 15. If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for a head-turning, eye-catching look that is intriguing and alluring, you could opt for the attractive selection of colors and hues. Or, simply pick the shade that matches best with your natural hair color. Feeling just a little experimental? Choose the ones with glitter on them.

Visit our Las Vegas spa for an eyelash extension session just before an important date or party and blow your partner away when you look deep into his eyes. Or, use them as a part of your bridal makeup and transform into a goddess descended from the heavens. Call us 702-733-8810 at Opulence Spa and let’s tell you how.


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