Back Facials – Absolute Must-Haves This Summer

Back Facials – Absolute Must-Haves This Summer

The skin on your back is possibly the most neglected area of your body. And, it’s understandable that it’s really difficult to take care of it simply because you can’t see back there very well and reaching every corner can be something of a struggle. The Henderson back facials that you can take with us are designed especially to help you with these issues. Each facial is customized to suit your particular skin type so all the problems you have with back acne, scarring and uneven colorations can all be taken care of. Did we mention? Our Las Vegas back facials packages include a complimentary crystal microdermabrasion session that is perfect for removing the dead skin cells from your back leaving it smooth and rejuvenated.

But, that’s not all. When you sign up for a back facial with us, your back will get the complete TLC it needs. Our aesthetician will begin by talking to you about what you feel are the areas of concern and then conduct a careful look over. You will also be asked about the medications you take and the skin care products you like to use. The facials we give you are conducted in a room with dim lighting that further works to relax you. A Henderson back facial session typically begins with a deep cleansing with possibly a peel that helps remove the damaged upper layers of your skin along with the light visible scars left behind by acne.

Next, depending on the condition of your skin, you will be given some moisturizing treatment so that the skin becomes supple and is more receptive to the deep pore cleansing and extractions needed. We will take care of all the blackheads and whiteheads, so that your skin has a blemish-free appearance by the end of the facial. In case, you’re wondering? Yes, these facials are very much like the ones you take for your face. And like all other facials, we also include a relaxing massage and a hot towel application to ease sore muscles. Afterwards, a soothing mask is applied to help the skin heal some more. The back facial is finished off with applications of serums and essential oils, all of which work to pamper and refresh your skin. They also work on soothing the redness is there is any.

At the end of your Las Vegas facial, our esthetician will show you how to maintain the effects of the facial so that it lasts you a good while. You will only need products that will restore the moisture you lose when you go out in the sun and some others to remove any dead cells as they appear. May we add, these facials are great for men, women and teenagers.

So, without delay, call us or contact us at Opulence Spa and try one of these amazing facials. You will walk away with a soft, smooth and radiant back skin that will surprise all those that see it. And, it’s a perfect accessory to those awesome bathing suits you have for this summer.

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