Collagen Facials – Perfect Alternative to Chemical Treatments

Collagen Facials – Perfect Alternative to Chemical Treatments

Have you always been nervous of taking facials because the thought of using chemicals on your face makes you nervous? Or, maybe, you’re just allergic to the typical creams used in facials. If this is so, how about if you could use your body’s own natural compounds to help you turn back the signs of aging? The Henderson collagen facials that you can take at Opulence Spa are just that.

Collagen is a form of protein that is found in your bones, tissues, tendons and skin. Looking like a large molecule, you will find it in the connective sections of the body. It gives your body its appearance of elasticity and firmness; and in this way, keeps wrinkles away. But, as you age, your body begins to produce lesser and lesser of this protein and wrinkles begin to appear. If you smoke, lead an active outdoors life or have irregular meal times, the problem gets worse. But, when you take a collagen facial at our Las Vegas spa, your body is encouraged to produce more of the protein so that the ill-effects of time are reversed.

The first step in your Henderson collagen facial is an in-depth cleansing of your skin, followed by exfoliation. The package that you sign up for at Opulence Spa also includes a complimentary crystal free microdermabrasion. This procedure works to remove the dead cells from the surface of your skin and thus, gives it a smooth, clear appearance. But, if you intend to take a collagen facial later, the cleansing also helps to allow the salve penetrate deeper into the inner layers of your skin through the opened pores.

Your esthetician then begins to work on your skin by massaging it with a special collagen boosting cream. As mentioned earlier, collagen is a large molecule and cannot be absorbed by the pores of your skin. So, instead, vitamins, oxygen and peptides are applied so that they promote the production of collagen by your body. The increased levels of collagen will help with the anti-aging process so that the texture of your skin is transformed completely. The Las Vegas collagen facial you take with us also includes a gentle secondary massage to help with the circulation of blood. Lastly, a mask is applied to further moisturize the skin.

Collagen facials are absolutely safe to use and since the effects are visible almost immediately, you can get one just before a date or a party. As an added precaution, your esthetician will test the product on a small patch of your skin to check for an allergic reaction before using it on your face.

Call us or contact us at Opulence Spa, our Henderson beauty center and sign up for this awesome anti-aging treatment that involves the use of completely natural products.


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