Fabulous Opulence Signature Hungarian Facials

Fabulous Opulence Signature Hungarian Facials

At Opulence Spa, it is always our endeavor to bring you the newest and most innovative of beauty treatments available the world over. With this aim in mind, we have for you a fabulous new therapy brought to you all the way from Europe, our Signature Hungarian facials. This incredibly effective organic treatment includes little-known beauty secrets using extracts from plants, flowers and fruits like paprika, sour cherry, rose, jasmine and many more. The extracts from these plants are absolutely safe to use and will leave your skin glowing with a reduced appearance of fine lines. Hungarian women have been using these products for centuries with amazing results and we are now bringing them to you at our Las Vegas spa.

We use the Eminence Organic Skincare and a special Hungarian anti-aging massage technique known as “Organic Facelift.” This specialized procedure begins with a detailed analysis of your skin. Our expert aesthetician will talk to you about the particular areas of your skin that need special care. Next, your skin is steamed to open the pores and cleansed extensively. Using customized Hungarian techniques, we exfoliate and then use spices to clear away dead skin cells and other impurities.

The Hungarian facial at Henderson/Las Vegas that you take also includes an Anti-Aging Ice Tightening session along with detailed massage procedures to the face, neck, arms and shoulders. Advanced packages also have scalp and feet treatments. The entire Hungarian facial is intended to not just rejuvenate your skin, but also relax you completely. You will feel the stress melting away and this wonderful euphoria will further enhance the glow on your face. Did we mention? These Las Vegas facials also stimulate the formation of collagen. So, you see, you will continue to experience the awesome effects of the therapy for quite a while after it is done.

In case you’re wondering, will it work? Oh, absolutely!! Jessica Biel, Johnny Depp and Madonna all swear by the enchanting results produced by Hungarian facials. So, yes! You could bring that special person in your life with you and enjoy the benefits of this amazing therapy. Because it is more than just skin care, it is complete wellness.

Without delay, contact us at Opulence Spa or call us and we will be happy to assist you with all the detailed information you need.

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