Instantly Glowing Skin with Lightening Facials at Opulence Spa

Instantly Glowing Skin with Lightening Facials at Opulence Spa

Picture this scenario. You wake up in the morning and groan looking at your skin in the mirror. It’s been a busy week and you haven’t had the time to visit the salon for a Henderson facial. What’s worse, you have an important presentation post lunch for which you want to look your best. What do you do? Or consider this. You are a swamped mother of two toddlers and your cousin is getting married on the weekend. You just don’t have the time for an extended beauty session. What do you do?

Rely on Opulence Spa! We have the perfect answer for all your beauty concerns and we understand that you what you need is a highly effective remedy, but one that won’t take too much of your time. Try our Las Vegas Lightening Facials.These facials work in so many different ways you’ll be surprised. They take away the excess pigmentation in your skin caused by exposure to the sun and bring back a gorgeous glow. How much time will you need to invest? Just pop in during your lunch break and walk out looking stunning.

Is it really possible? It is. Our Henderson Lightening facials have ingredients like lactic acid and kojic acid. Lactic acid is a kind of alpha hydroxy exfoliator that is extracted from sour milk, a beauty secret that was first used by ancient Egyptians. It works to bring back lost moisture to your skin and gives it a young, soft, smooth texture. Kojic acid is a fine powder that is composed of minute crystals that work on the melanin in your skin, effectively removing the tanning and pigmentation. What’s more, its anti-aging elements can remove any signs of aging. There’s yet another secret to these ingredients. They can eliminate the bacteria in your skin at the deeper levels so that acne is prevented.

These special elements are made into a solution that is gently applied on your skin and works like a peel on it. After giving it time to work, it is removed and a hydrating lotion is again to further nourish your skin. You will be amazed to see the transformation that can occur within the short span of a hour.

Need to know more? Call us or contact us at Opulence Spa and we can tell you about these awesome Lightening Facials that actually work lightning fast on your skin. We have another special offer we’d like to tell you about. Should you sign up for three sessions, you can avail of a special discount. Pick up that phone! Right now!


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