Personalized Facial in our Cocoon Wellness

Personalized Facial in our Cocoon Wellness

Cocoon Wellness Pro provides a variety of modalities customized to meet each client’s needs. There’s an option that increases the body temperature circulation and dilation of blood vessels. This in turn provides a relaxing natural way of removing impurities form the body and a healthy cardiovascular response. It also is equivalent to a fitness workout without having to go to the gym! If you’re stressed, having headaches this cocoon is the cure. It is an amazing stress reliever. One 50 min session in this, amounts to approximately two hours of rest. In addition this is perfect for increased flexibility. The tranquility of the cocoon and the vibrations of the vibrating bed promote flexibility and your range of motion response.

Please visit and try out our Cocoon Wellness with your personalized facial at 702-733-8810.

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