Precautions to Take After Getting a Facial

Precautions to Take After Getting a Facial

Getting a facial at the best spas in Henderson can leave your skin thoroughly cleansed of impurities and glowing with health and beauty. However, if you can take special care of your skin for the next few days, you can extend the benefits of the facials. What many people don’t realize is that the skin is a little sensitive after the care you’ve just given it and there are few do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind. As our expert aesthetician at Opulence Spa will explain, you need to pamper your skin some more in the weeks right after the facial.

You might have opted for some specialized treatments to exfoliate your skin and remove the excess oil and accumulated dead skin cells. And, considering that an essential part of your Las Vegas facial is the deep cleansing, you need to hold off scrubbing your skin for a week or so after the treatment. If you regularly use any kind of peels at home that contain Retin A or alpha hydroxy acids, make sure you avoid them or they can irritate your skin. You also won’t need any elaborate washing rituals right after. If you must wash, use a gentle foam with the fingertips. Wash with lukewarm water and dab lightly dry. Also, avoid using toners that contain astringents for a week or so. Using these products can cause a stinging sensation.

Have you been thinking of taking a steam bath? A good idea would be to get it BEFORE your facial. Steam has the effect of promoting blood circulation and opening up your pores, which is great. But, steaming can irritate skin if it has been freshly scrubbed and cleansed. It might even cause broken capillaries and sensitive skin. You could also try avoiding any other activity that heats up your face like a vigorous workout or stepping into the sun without the proper protection.

Exfoliating procedures can sometimes make your skin photosensitive. This is why; it is very essential that you wear wide-brimmed hats or carry an umbrella. Using your regular sunscreens can also irritate your skin. To help counter this problem, our aesthetician will help you choose the right sunscreens with titanium oxides that are far more effective in protecting your skin. Considering that it has a layer of fresh cells on the surface, your skin will need this added barrier against burning.

A few other precautions you can take are to avoid using makeup that might contain harmful chemicals and use only non-sterile applicators. In this way, you can avoid the harmful bacteria coming into contact with your skin. Spend some time with our consultant and she will tell you all about the care you must take. Visit us or call us at 702-733-8810 Opulence Spa and find out more. Today!!


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