Reawaken the Goddess in You–Try Our Opulence Facials

Reawaken the Goddess in You–Try Our Opulence Facials

Facials are a wonderful way to pamper your skin and after getting one, you love the soft, smooth skin. But, there’s a lot more to facials than just that. And when you visit our Henderson day spa, you will discover the finer nuances of caring for your skin and the exceptional effort we take to make sure you leave our spa completely rejuvenated.

Every client is special and unique with a skin that is as different as his/her individuality. This is why, we begin by conducting a careful analysis of your skin and working out a customized regimen, using the perfect products that will work wonders on your skin. Our Henderson facials are designed to not just care for your skin, but are a complete wellness treatment that will relax you and eliminate stress, the results of which will show in the glow you will have later.

We conduct a deep cleansing of your skin using crystal free microdermabrasion, exfoliation and extractions where needed. These procedures work to clear the toxins that accumulate on your skin because of dirt, pollution and grease in the environment. The skin produces a natural oil called sebum that keeps it moisturized, but an overproduction of sebum can cause acne and blackheads that our acne treatment can help you with.

Next, our expert wellness therapist will give you a soothing face, neck and shoulders massage that also includes lip treatment. This massage works to induce better blood circulation to the deeper layers of the facial skin. The fresh oxygen, water, minerals and nutrients that the skin receives will give it a healthy glow, remove dryness and with it, wrinkles.

The aromatherapy essential oils we use smell heavenly and and even as they moisturize your skin, they will make you feel good about yourself and remove stress. At the end of this relaxing session, you will have soft, younger looking skin that makes you feel oh so, wonderful. And did we mention the facial masks? They further work to nourish your skin and restore its balance.

At our Henderson/Las Vegas facial center, we have a selection of facials that you can choose from depending on what you’re in the mood for. Collagen Facial, Deep Cleansing Facial, Hydrating Facial, Anti-aging Facial and many more, each intended to make you feel divine. And we have special packages for the man in your life. And for teenagers.

So visit us at Opulence Spa at 702-733-8810, and let us reawaken the Goddess in you!! #opulencespa

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