Turning the Clock Back with Photo Rejuvenation

Turning the Clock Back with Photo Rejuvenation

Your day-to-day living and exposure to the harmful effects of the sun and pollution can make your skin look tired and dull. Perhaps, the worst effect of all is the appearance of wrinkles. So what can you do to restore your skin to that fresh, young look? Face lifts? Creams and lotions? Face lifts seem like drastic measures and creams don’t always work the way you want them to. We have for you a very effective alternative to these options. Try our photo rejuvenation procedure. What’s that? Think of it as a magic wand that can make your age spots, brown pigmentation, acne scars and rosacea simply vanish.

Here’s how it works. Photo rejuvenation involves the use of tiny pulses of light on your skin that work on the blemishes age and nature have caused. This light not only eliminates the dark spots, broken blood vessels and other signs of damage but it also induces the production of fresh collagen that can result in your skin looking younger with a smooth, soft, wrinkle-free texture. It also removes fine lines and scars, and the new collagen can actually tighten the skin. You will find that the sagging skin around the nose and jaw, bags under the eyes and swelling eyelids have all but disappeared.

The best part? Once the production of collagen is induced, it continues to work for a long time after your red light treatment sessions. You need not be concerned about the safety of the procedure because the effects are very gradual and our expert therapists take great care to customize the treatment to suit your individual skin type. There are other benefits too. This procedure is non-invasive and you won’t need to take time off to recuperate. You can simply go back to work with no issues at all. You only need to be ready to field all those compliments on how great you’re looking.

What do we do? Our expert therapist moves a hand-operated wand gently over your skin. This wand emits a light that works on your skin. All you will feel is a snapping sensation as the light disperses the pigment of the dark spots, induces collagen formation and eliminates the broken capillaries that cause the red lines. Awesome, isn’t it?

So, without delay, contact us at Opulence Spa  at 702-733-8810 and sign up for one of our photo rejuvenation sessions. Turn back the clock and get back that gorgeous, younger-looking you!!


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