Bring Back Your Feminine Health and Wellness with Femilift

Bring Back Your Feminine Health and Wellness with Femilift

Being a woman is a challenge every step of the way. From the time when enter into your teens and all through your adult life right up to menopause and after, you deal with a range of issues that can wear away your confidence and make you feel less of yourself. At the Opulence Spa, we understand that every woman needs to feel wonderful about herself at every age. We understand how important enjoying your femininity is to you. To help you overcome the many issues you go through, we have for you the groundbreaking Femilift procedure.

As you age or with the natural process of childbirth, you might notice a lack of sensation and laxity down there that takes away from the gratification for you and your partner. Or, you might feel that intercourse is becoming very painful, a normal occurrence when the walls of your vagina begin to thin as a result of hormone imbalances at menopause. Lack of adequate lubrication can also cause this condition. Having just delivered naturally, you might want rehabilitative treatment to feel like the sexy person you always were before the birth of your baby. At our Henderson clinic, we have the perfect solution for you by way of the Femilift system.

When you sign up for our Las Vegas treatment, you won’t need to worry about pain, bleeding or any downtime. Nor, will you need to take a long time off from work or your daily activities for the procedure. The entire system comprises of three sessions that can take 10 minutes to complete with each session being conducted at four to five week intervals. The Femilift procedure is conducted with the help of lasers that deliver fractionated energy split into minute pixels. When delivered at the precise wavelength and pulse, the laser can repair the walls of your vagina leaving you feeling fantastic. And, yes, to answer the foremost question in your mind. You can have intercourse right away.

The Femilift procedure is absolutely safe to use. And, at the Opulence Spa in Henderson, we have expert, highly-trained therapists that can perform the procedure on you by using special wands. These wands come with 360-degree rotation for complete control and safety. You can also rest assured that there is no possibility of infections.

Need to know more? Call or contact us at the Opulence Spa and talk to our consultants about the issues you face. Sign up for the Femilift treatment with us and walk away feeling feminine and beautiful just as you always are.


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