Present the Incredible Gift of Beauty and Wellness to a Loved One

Present the Incredible Gift of Beauty and Wellness to a Loved One

Have you always wondered what would be the perfect gift for a loved one? At the Opulence Spa in Henderson, we have a fabulous idea. Present your friend or family member with the gift of a pampering session of beauty or wellness. All you need to do is order a Gift Certificate with the amount you feel is appropriate. The entire process is very simple and quick to complete. Here’s what you need to do.

Link on the link above and you will be directed to a Gift Certificate form. Choose the perfect design that expresses your warm wishes best. Next, add your name and the name of the recipient. Below that, you’ll find a box where you can add a heartfelt message sending fond regards for whatever the occasion may be. For instance, it could be a birthday, wedding anniversary, or even, work anniversary. You can also choose to send a gift for no reason and just to let your loved one know how much he or she means to you. Yes, you can also send one to a male friend because at our Las Vegas spa, we have a range of treatments that high-achieving men are sure to appreciate.

Need to see the end result before you purchase it? Click on the Preview Button. Now that the Gift Certificate is designed and ready just as you want it, you have an exciting range of other options. Choose to email the gift so your receiving friend can download it. Of course, you can also choose the date when the email will be sent which is right away or on a later scheduled date. Or, you can print it and hand deliver yourself. Watch the feelings of pure delight on your friend’s face when she finds this amazing gift you have for her. If you’re short of time, trust us at the Opulence Spa in Henderson to print and deliver it for you free of cost.

We have yet another option for you. That of Gift Cards. Click on this link, and you will find options for purchasing a gift card. You can opt for a specific amount or you can choose a service at our Las Vegas spa that you like best. Here’s another positive. Include the tip amount in the gift card. Like before, enter the name of the recipient and your own name. Enter the warmest of regards in the message box and you’re all set.

Choose this gifting option for your loved one, friend or family member, or even a retiring colleague or boss. Our Gift Certificates and Cards make for the ideal going away present that any recipient is sure to cherish and remember you by. Call us or contact us for more information. At the Opulence Spa, our consultants welcome all your questions.


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