Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal for MenHair Removal by laser for Men

The Soprano ICE laser hair removal is a true breakthrough in permanent hair reduction for ALL skin types even tanned skin. By combining advanced cooling technology and Gold Standard laser techniques, you can benefit from painless, effective long term hair reduction…VIRTUALLY PAINLESS. The unique heating and energy delivery method effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, while preventing injury to the surrounding tissue. At the same time, ICE tech cools the skin surface, preventing superficial burns.

Laser Hair Removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. The primary principle behind laser hair removal is targeting the unwanted hair follicle with minimal effect on surrounding skin tissue. Light is absorbed by dark objects, so laser energy can only be absorbed by dark hair follicles in the skin. With our advanced Soprano ICE laser, we are able to treat persons of all skin tones safely and effectively by utilizing an Soprano ICE laser which penetrate at deeper wavelengths, bypassing layers of dark skin and targeting only the hair follicle.  The efficacy of laser hair removal is more advanced now than it has ever been before.

With the advantages of solid state laser, Soprano ICE offers the cutting edge in hair removal technology and treatment methods.

  • SPEED- Half the treatment time
  • CLEARTITE APPLICATOR- Comfortable deep heating
  • ICE TECHNOLOGY- Simultaneous contact cooling
  • All SKIN types/virtually painless/proven safety record

Soprano is FDA cleared for skin types I-VI and tanned skin.