Beautiful Skin with Pain-free Laser Hair Removal

Beautiful Skin with Pain-free Laser Hair Removal

Have you always dreamt of a gorgeous, smooth skin? Wouldn’t you like to be free of those frequent and painful sessions of waxing and shaving? That unbelievably soft skin is just a few sessions away. All you need to do is visit us at the Opulence Spa and sign up for our laser hair removal packages that are completely pain-free.

The Soprano ICE, solid state laser that we use is the latest, cutting-edge technology in the approach to hair removal treatments with a host of positives. It works by heating the lower layer of your skin to a temperature that kills the roots of the hair and does not allow them to grow again. And it can do this without hurting the tissue around it. This heat is delivered with a series of short pulses that gently heats the skin without causing pain at all. And the ICE technology we use, allows the skin to cool side-by-side so there is absolutely no chance of any burning.

Our permanent hair removal techniques are proven to be safe and work very well on all skin tones and hair colors. Do you have lovely tanned skin? The treatment is as effective on your kind of skin too. You won’t need any anesthesia or time to recuperate, and that proves that there is no possibility of pain. Are you concerned there will be redness or swelling in the area? You need not be because the effects are very minimal and disappear quickly. And of course, it is much quicker which means that you will be seeing great results in half the time.

So, without delay, contact us at 702-733-8810 or visit our laser hair removal center at Henderson and learn about this awesome new technology that can give you that wonderful skin you have been longing for. #opulencespa

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