Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Have you always enjoyed that clean, smooth feeling down there? Do you make it a point to go for regular Brazilian waxing sessions to maintain the sense of hygiene and cleanliness? Then, you’re probably getting tired of having to take time off from work and other everyday chores to schedule those appointments. What if you could get a Henderson treatment that removes all the unwanted hair from your pubic area for good? At Opulence Spa, we understand what you need. We have for you the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal. This innovative procedure eliminates all the fuzz leaving behind only smooth skin that looks aesthetically neat.

We understand that waxing is messy and shaving could result in painful nicks and cuts. And, that you’d want to get rid of the ingrowths, scratchy stubble and 5 o’clock shadows for good. Considering that today’s lingerie and bathing suit bottom styles are getting briefer and more revealing, you’d want to look your best when wearing them. This is why, the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal treatment that you can get at our Las Vegas aesthetic center is the perfect solution. Are you concerned about it being painful? You need not be. All you’ll feel is a slight sting that is instantly gone.

How does it work? The laser reaches below the top layer of the skin to target the root of each hair follicle. Once the very root is removed, there is no chance that the hair can grow back. And, since the laser beam uses light at a specific wavelength, it is likely to affect only the pigmented hair and is ineffective on the surrounding skin. Any color of hair like black, red, brown, and even blonde responds very well to the treatment.

Like any laser treatment, we’ll request that you come back for added sessions until all the hair is removed and you’re only left with a fresh feeling. Each session of this Henderson procedure takes about 30 minutes. In the initial stages, it could take a while longer as the visible hair is removed. As the residual hair begins to surface, you can come in for the subsequent sessions. We estimate that the entire area can be cleared in approximately 6 sessions.

And, there’s more. You can choose to have a completely cleared area or you could choose to play around with shapes and designs. For instance, some women like to leave small spots of hair in the center and we can form them to your specification. How about a tiny strip or a heart-shaped patch? Or, even a triangle. When you sign up for one of these treatments, do let the aesthetician know what you’re looking for.


Sounds interesting? It is. Why don’t you take a few minutes to call us at Opulence Spa 702-733-8810 for more details? And, did we mention? Men are welcome too. So call contact or us us and we will love to tell you all about this awesome experience.

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