Get Summer Ready, Smooth Gorgeous Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Get Summer Ready, Smooth Gorgeous Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Get Summer Ready, Smooth Gorgeous Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Are you been planning on packing away all that winter stuff already? Well, summer is coming up quickly. And, while you’ve been eyeing that amazing new collection of swimwear and summer wear on your favorite online store, do remember to schedule your laser removal session at the Opulence Spa. Spend a few short sessions at our Las Vegas aesthetic center and you’ll be ready to show off that gorgeous, smooth skin at the most happening pool parties of the season.

At our Henderson spa, we have the most innovative of hair removal solutions for you, the Alma Soprano Laser ICE Removal system. Are you wondering why that’s a better idea as compared to the shaving, waxing, and hair removal creams you’ve been using? Let’s begin by letting you know that most important positive of our laser hair removal procedures is that they are permanent in nature. While all the other hair removal options only pull out the hair from the surface leaving the follicles intact, lasers can destroy them so that they cannot grow back.

Shaving and waxing can be painful and messy, and you always risk getting nicks, burns, and blisters when using them. Of course, you can opt to visit a professional salon to have the experts take care of the unwanted hair, but these services can be expensive. If you hate the unsightly stubble that appears by the end of the day after shaving, it’s time to look for better options. Like the one you can get at our Las Vegas beauty services center. Keep in mind that just after 6 to 8 sessions of our laser hair removal systems; you’ll be able to eliminate around 80% to 90% of the hair. For good!

Are laser hair removal procedures painful? That’s probably the first question you have. Let’s tell you that the only sensation you might feel is a warm, soothing feel very much like getting a massage. As the device works on the darker, coarser hair, you might feel a slight sting like that of a rubber band against your skin. To make sure you have the minimum of discomforts, our dermatologists at the Henderson spa also use the cooling systems that are an integral part of the Alma Soprano Laser ICE Removal system.

At the end of the session, you’ll only see fabulous skin that is satiny smooth to touch. Come on in and visit us at the Opulence Spa 702-733-8810 in Las Vegas. Try out amazing laser hair removal techniques and fall in love with your skin. Again! Call us or contact our expert consultants for more information of all the skin areas you can safely target with our Alma Soprano Laser ICE Removal system.


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