Laser VS. Waxing?

Laser VS. Waxing?

Facts about Laser Hair Removal

  • Pain-free!  The most advanced laser technology allows for an effective 810 diode laser to destroy the hair follicle with no damage to the outer layer of the skin.  The result – NO PAIN!
  • Most effective treatment for treating large areas of skin.
  • Fast and effective – Our new laser technology can whip through lower legs in about a half hour or less. 6-8 sessions removes 80-90% of the hair follicles, some may need a few more treatments, but once they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • No more razor burn, ingrown hairs, cuts or nicks.
  • No more embarrassing stubble- it is gone for good!

What about Waxing?

  • A trip to the wax center can rid you of hair growth for 3-6 weeks
  • Painful and Costly!  The average Brazilian wax is approximately $55. Do that about 10-12 times per year and your spending around $600 per year!
  • Repetitive! It never goes away.  Every 3 to 6 weeks your back for another wax session.
  • Call to schedule your free underarm laser hair removal treatment and consultation at 702-733-8810.

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