Pain-free Hair Removal with Alma Soprano ICE

Pain-free Hair Removal with Alma Soprano ICE

Summer’s around the corner and you’re probably looking forward to lots of pool parties, beach vacations, and fun in the sun. We, at Opulence Spa understand that you want to look your very best in a swimsuit. But, are you already groaning at the thought of regular waxing and shaving sessions? Not only are they really painful but if you have to get the hair removal done at a professional salon, it can burn a hole in your pocket too. We have a better option for you. What if you could get that unsightly, unwanted hair removed permanently and with a completely pain-free process?

Yes, it is actually possible with our state-of-the-art Alma Soprano Ice therapy which is an improvement on the typical Soprano XL and Soprano XLi systems. Not only can you avoid the burning sensation that razors can leave but also the nicks and cuts that are invariably caused by them. In fact, our clients say that the Las Vegas laser hair removal treatment actually feels like a soothing massage session as against the painful and discomforting sessions they have taken at other clinics. Additionally, the latest ICE applicator that we use works to cool your skin better thanks to the many cooling systems it incorporates.

The pain free laser hair removal techniques that we use also serve to keep your skin smoother for a longer time and do remember that after 6 to 8 sessions, around an amazing 80 to 90 percent of the hair follicles are removed. And once these roots have been burned, hair does not grown in that area. This means that the treatments we give you are permanent and you could be hair-free for life!

Are you concerned about side-effects? You need not be because the systems have a history of 6 years of effectiveness and safety. They are absolutely perfect for use all through the year and can be used on any kind of skin, even if you have a lovely tan. These systems that include Gold Standard 810m laser diodes have also received the necessary clearance from the FDA. Nor will you need to take a lot of time off work or other important tasks because our Henderson laser hair removal treatments are very quick. We can cover the area of your lower legs in just 30 minutes, or maybe less.

Our Las Vegas center offers you laser hair removal sessions at costs that work out lower than the year long waxing treatments that you’ll have to take. In this way, you will be spending a lot less on laser treatments than on the lifetime of waxing and shaving equipment, salon costs and let’s not forget, time.

So, contact us at Opulence Spa and let us tell you about the awesome Alma Soprano ICE therapy sessions we have for you. And get set to welcome a wonderful summer by setting your best skin forward. Please call Opulence Spa at 702-733-8810 to schedule your appointment today. #opulencespa


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