Reinvent Yourself by Eliminating the Ink

Reinvent Yourself by Eliminating the Ink

Humans are constantly evolving creatures and as you move from one phase of your life to the next, chances are you don’t really want to carry with you the marks of the past. At Opulence Spa, we understand why getting your tattoos removed is a part of that evolution. It’s possible that the inking you got while in college to make a statement is actually getting in the way of perhaps, landing that dream job you’re aiming for. If you’re ready to lay your wild side to rest permanently, why not begin by erasing the inks on your skin? Are you going through a bad breakup? It is understandable that one of the first steps you want to take to put the past behind you is to erase the name of your ex.

Visit our salon at Henderson and let us use the most advanced form of laser therapy to help you with that. Using Q-switched Nd:YAG laser available on the Harmony®XL laser system, we can effectively remove the black pigmentation along with any reds, blues, greens, and purples that you’ve outgrown. The high-speed energy jets that are directed at the tattoo pigments work to shatter the color molecules into tiny bits. This photochemical reaction helps the body to disperse the broken particles until they lighten and eventually disappear. You can be rest assured that the surrounding tissues remain untouched with this Las Vegas treatment. Depending on the area of the tattoo and the type of pigment, you might be asked to come in for multiple sittings until you are completely happy with the results.

You might have come across advertisements talking about the effectiveness of creams and topical ointments that can erase the tattoo inks. Take care that the tattoo pigments reach deep into the layers of your skin and are designed to last you forever. The acid content in the creams can, no doubt, percolate into those layers to remove the ink, but you might have to deal with side effects that result including damage to the upper, visible layers of the skin. Replacing the ink with scars is certainly not the kind of reinvention you have in mind. This is why; it is preferable that you go for a form of Henderson tattoo removal treatment that can eliminate the ink without damaging the skin.

How about you begin by contacting us for more information? Talk to our expert technicians who will take a look at the unsightly error and advise you on the number of treatments you’ll need to take care of it. Call us or contact us at Opulence Spa. Today!


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