Caring for Damaged Muscles Resulting from Sports Injuries

Caring for Damaged Muscles Resulting from Sports Injuries

As a sportsperson, you could indulge in pro sports or just the typical, keep-fit games like tennis, jogging, swimming, light weight lifting or any other. Whatever may be the activity you enjoy, you do put a lot of strain on your muscles. Muscles and the tendons attached to them form a network of musculotendinous units. These units allow you to conduct movements such as jumping, running, stretching, leaping, and so on. Sometimes, you could end up injuring your muscles without consciously being aware of it.

Identifying Strains

When you overstretch your muscles by moving in an uncoordinated manner, you cause strains and at times, tears that must be treated right away. Doctors differentiate injuries and strains into three levels. The first level strains could take about two to three weeks to heal and about 5% of the muscle fibers are damaged. The second level strains occur when more of the muscle fibers are hurt without being completely ruptured. These strains typically heal in about three to six weeks. The third level strains are the most serious and your doctor might recommend surgery to repair them. In this level, the muscles are completely torn and recuperation could take up to 3 months or more, depending on the severity of the injury.

Healing Processes of the Body

In response to damage, your body begins the healing process by creating new muscle tissues. The swelling you see is your body creating the necessary chemicals that remove the damaged tissues and ready the area for healing. The bleeding in the torn muscles forms a kind of framework on which new tissue begins to form. This scar tissue works to protect the muscles from further damage. Soon the scar tissue converts into healthy collagen that aligns with the existing tissues and allows you to move normally.

How Massage Therapy can Help

If you sense difficulty in moving and stretching or if a certain section of your body is sore to the touch, that could be an indication that you have a sports injury that needs treatment right away. After checking with your doctor, you must sign up for the services of an expert massage healer. These professionals are trained in the art of providing the exact amount of stimulation needed by the muscles so that blood circulation improves and healing is induced. You will find that the soreness is relaxed and you can move better.

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