Curative and Comfort Providing Craniosacral Massages

Curative and Comfort Providing Craniosacral Massages

Whether you lead an active life with sporting activities, or you hold a desk job, you are at risk from stress of the head, sacrum and spinal column. Let’s see now. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you suffer from migraines? Do you feel tired all the time, and feel like your movement is hampered? Do you feel a stiffness in the neck and back? Do you sometimes have trouble speaking or eating? What you need is the gentle, comforting touch of the craniosacral massage therapist at Opulence Spa, our Henderson massage center.

Craniosacral massage is a non-invasive therapy that aims to ease the stress in your head, neck and back. This is done by realigning the fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord so that all blockages are removed. Thus, the corresponding muscles and bones are stimulated to heal themselves and any pain and neurological conditions you face are all removed. Our well-trained therapist begins by using gentle touches to locate the sections that need treatment and then, using specialized techniques, the stress is eased. Instantly, you start to feel relaxed as the stiffness in your muscles is loosened.

An important part of your Henderson craniosacral massage therapy is the head massage. Most people don’t realize that the muscles in the scalp are connected to those in the face and you need to use them for facial expressions. This is why, spending long hours in front of your computer without moving can relay the stress to your scalp muscles. The head massage relieves this stress and helps you sleep better. It can also help people who suffer from migraines.

Craniosacral massages are thus a holistic approach to healing the central nervous system; and can help in many ways. The tension in your muscles because of sports activities or any muscular injuries you have had can also be healed, as can conditions where the movement of the jaw is constricted. And, there’s more. These Las Vegas massages are also known to raise your immunity levels so your body fights illnesses better.

Do remember that every massage session you take with us can continue to benefit you for up to 3 weeks afterwards. Need to know more? Call us or contact us at our Henderson massage spa and sign up for a session. And, experience the awesome healing power of the Henderson/Las Vegas craniosacral massage. #opulencespa #massage #craniosacralmassage


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