Foot Scrub and Body Polishing

Foot Scrub and Body Polishing

At Opulence Spa, we have a wide range of massage therapies, each especially designed to meet your specific needs. And when you come in for a massage session, you can also include a foot scrub or body polishing. Your feet are possibly the most neglected part of your body and need the tender care that we provide. The Pure Fuji Foot Scrub that we use works with fresh cane sugar crystals. These crystals can remove the dead skin cells while the alpha hydroxyls polish the skin and leave it soft and beautiful with open pores that can breathe easily. You will luxuriate in the Henderson massages that use a customized blend of Fuji oils to moisturize and bring back the youthful glow in your feet. To finish of, we use a Body Butter mask that further nourishes the skin of your feet.

At Opulence Spa, we also have special body polishing techniques that are designed for delicate skin that cannot tolerate harsh chemicals. Cane sugar is a natural exfoliant and can gently remove dead skin cells allowing new skin to emerge without causing any kind of damage. These Las Vegas massage sessions last for about 30 minutes, and nourish and invigorate your skin. You can also request your aesthetician to use our Pure Fuji Massage Oils for additional care during your massages at a very nominal price. These oils are sourced from organic sources and are ideal for rejuvenating your skin and restoring its lost moisture.

The next time you visit our Henderson spa and sign up for one of our wide range of massage sessions, do enquire about these small add-ons that can make you feel pampered and cared for, from top to toe. For more information, call us or contact us at Opulence Spa in Henderson.

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