Hot Stone Massages–Your Answer to Stress

Hot Stone Massages–Your Answer to Stress

Hot stone massages have been used over the centuries to help people deal with a wide range of issues; and are now being considered essential for staying healthy and stress-free. Their therapeutic benefits are recognized as a helpful tool to combat the pressures of modern-day lifestyles. The hot stone massages you take at our Henderson spa can alleviate the many symptoms you experience and leave you rejuvenated, both physically and psychologically.

A typical Las Vegas massage session begins with a Swedish massage that helps prepare the body for the warm stones. Massage is initiated on your back and then worked all over the body to relax you a little. Next, warm stones are placed at strategic points on your body according to the symptoms you have described before. The stones used are either river stones or basalt stones that are carefully polished to a smooth texture. Basalt stones are used because their iron content allows them to retain heat better and for a longer time. We also take care to sanitize them carefully in water heated to temperatures of 120 to 150 degrees.

While the therapist takes care that the stones are just warm enough to be comforting, if you find them too hot or too heavy, do ask for changes. The size of the stones used is chosen carefully depending on the size of the muscles that need treatment. Our Henderson hot stone massages also keep the body’s energy fields in mind and each treatment is customized to ensure that the easy flows of energy are achieved to cure the problems you face. Even as each stone cools, the therapist replaces it with a warm one. They might be placed in a straight line along your spine, or on your belly and palms. For certain ailments, the therapist might use a spiral pattern.

At the end of your Las Vegas hot stone therapy, you will feel a warm sensation spreading through your body as the stiffness induced by the stress you face everyday melts away. Your limbs will feel more relaxed as the aches and pains seem to miraculously disappear. The warmth of the stones reaches into the deeper tissues and that makes this therapy very effective for a host of musculoskeletal medical problems like arthritis and fibromyalgia, and in the healing of injuries like sprains. Your blood circulation with improve as will the release of toxins from your body cells. To help flush them out, your therapist will recommend that you drink lots of water.

You will walk out of our Henderson massage center on a cloud of euphoria since the therapy elevates your mood and you will find that you sleep better too. However, we will request that you check with your doctor before signing up for the hot stone massage therapy. While it is absolutely safe, it is often not advised for pregnant women or for patients of high blood pressure.

Call us or contact us at our Henderson/Las Vegas massage center and sign up for one of these awesome, non-invasive therapies that can take away all the stress you go through in your everyday life.

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