Importance of Teen Massages for Young People

Importance of Teen Massages for Young People

Most people don’t realize it but teenagers face a very tough time. They have growing pains and peer pressure; and the hormones raging through their bodies don’t really help much. While adults are comfortable talking about the physical and psychological issues they face and seeking help for them, teenagers are secretive and keep their problems hidden. At Opulence Spa, we understand this and we have formulated a special Henderson massage therapy designed to deal with teenagers’ unique issues. This therapy will provide them with the wellness they need.

The therapeutic Henderson massages we provide allow teenagers to relax and feel comfortable in a secure and private environment. Teenagers, typically, have a tendency to eat unhealthy food and over-exercise to maintain an acceptable body image. Peer pressure and attempts to excel make them push extra hard at activities like swimming, gymnastics, cheerleading, and many more, aside from the efforts they need to put in at academics. This puts a strain on their developing muscles and minds that is only aggravated by their erratic sleep patterns.

Another lesser known fact is that teenagers are more prone to injuries that professional sportsmen. Their bones develop faster than muscles and tendons and this imbalance can be the reason why they are more susceptible to getting hurt. That’s where our Las Vegas massages come in. We have expert, trained therapists that know exactly which muscles need relaxing and healing, and work on them accordingly.

Aside from healing stretched and torn muscles, our massages at Henderson help them with a vital need, that of human contact. Teenagers shy away from affection and physical contact with their parents even though they crave it, and massage therapy helps comfort them and alleviate depression and other issues. That’s because massage therapy has long been known to release dopamine, a compound that makes a person feel good. In addition, the relaxation massages induce can also help teenagers let go of stress and study better.

Teenagers need help with the struggle of growing up and we are here to help. For more information, contact us or call us at Opulence Spa, our massage center in Las Vegas. Talk to us about the problems you face and we can help alleviate them with expert massage therapy. Did we mention? If you have any skin issues, we also offer customized teen facials that can help you with them.

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