Indispensable Sports Massages at Opulence Spa

Indispensable Sports Massages at Opulence Spa

Recent studies have shown that sports massages are indispensable for individuals who like to indulge in sports and other vigorous activities. You might be under the impression that sports massages are only necessary for professional athletes, but even if you like to jog regularly or play tennis or any other sport just to keep fit, you absolutely need the specialized Henderson massages we provide.

When you exercise, your muscles experience fatigue and stress, and massages are essential for promoting the flow of blood and lymph to help your muscles heal easily after the activity. Regular massages at our Las Vegas spa can help you ease the soreness, and improve the flexibility of your muscles. Thus, you will be able to exercise better and for longer periods because your endurance levels are enhanced. Another important factor you must remember is that sports massages are also needed prior to beginning exercising so that your muscles are eased into the strain you are about to put them through. This will ensure that you don’t injure or stress them.

Before beginning your Henderson sports massage, your therapist will talk to you and ask you about the sports you like to play. Accordingly, your massage will be designed so as to target the muscles you use more frequently and vigorously. The number of sessions you might need, like for example, once a week or perhaps, every two weeks, and the ease with which you can fit them into your schedule, these are other details that need to be worked out. Do remember to let your therapist know if you have injured yourself in the past. An old injury that has not healed properly can get aggravated with further activity and it is important that it is taken care of.

Our massage therapists are well trained and have a keen understanding of the musculoskeletal structure of your body. They will stimulate your joints, ligaments and tendons along with your muscles so that any imbalances are corrected. By working on your soft tissues, they can understand the specific areas that are causing you discomfort. Accordingly, special techniques are used to help in their healing.

An expert massage session can also help in improving your mental balance and lifting your mood. At the end of the Henderson/Las Vegas sports massage, you will experience a soothing relaxation that is both physical and psychological. For more information, do call or contact us at Opulence Spa, our Henderson massage center.

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