Relaxing, Soothing Trigger Point Massages

Relaxing, Soothing Trigger Point Massages

Do you wake up some days with shooting pains radiating all over your back and neck and extending into your head? Does every muscle in your body feel sore and protest with every movement? What you need is a Henderson Trigger Point Massage at our Opulence Spa. At the end of your session, you will feel like your muscles have relaxed completely and suddenly, movement becomes very easy. How does this happen?

In your body, there is a network of soft tissues or fascials that surround the various organs, blood vessels, nerves, and muscular structure. Sometimes, because of an injury or illness, or strenuous activity or even bad posture, these tissues and some of the surrounding muscles constrict tightly to form a “knot” or adhesions. These are trigger points, cramps or spasms as they are also called. This patch of adhesions does not allow blood to circulate through it and that makes it impossible for healing to take place.

Further, the pain and discomfort caused by this spasm is passed on to the adjacent muscles and the longer they remain untreated, the more discomfort they cause. As the adjacent muscles start to ache, movement becomes very difficult. This is where our Las Vegas massage therapy comes in. By gently stimulating the trigger points using various massage techniques, our expert therapist loosens these knots or adhesions. As a result, the flow of blood is also stimulated and the muscles receive healing oxygen and nutrients to heal the adhesions.

When you arrive at our Henderson center and sign up for a trigger point massage session, our therapist will ask you to lie down in a position that you’re most comfortable in. First, gentle techniques are used to locate the specific adhesions that need treatment. According to your direction, the therapist then works on these points using various degrees of pressure. You are likely to experience some amount of discomfort in the beginning and if you feel excessive pain, do let your therapist know.

But, as the session continues, you will begin to feel your muscles relaxing and a soothing warmth begins to spread through your body. A typical trigger point massage session at our Las Vegas spa lasts about 60 minutes and afterwards, you will be advised to take lots of water. This will not only hydrate your body but the built-up toxins in the adhesions can also be washed away. The number of sessions you need will depend on the severity and number of adhesions you’re experiencing. And, you will leave our massage spa, moving easily and feeling like you’ve been completely rejuvenated.

So, today at 702-733-8810 and let us know about the sore muscles and discomfort you’re going through. Let us help you with a luxurious trigger point massage that will leave your body relaxed and soothed.


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