Soothing Swedish Massages

Soothing Swedish Massages

The massages you can get at our Henderson, Las Vegas massage spa can be wonderfully rejuvenating experiences that can relieve your stress and create a mood of relaxation and euphoria. You also gain a host of other benefits such as improved sleep patterns, and relief from insomnia and other digestive problems that can be caused because of high stress levels. At the Opulence Spa you can choose from our range of different kinds of massages that each have many unique therapeutic effects. Pick out the one that you feel you need and our expert therapist will get to work, pampering you and making you feel great about yourself.

But before the session begins, you will be asked questions and encouraged to talk about any specific reasons why you’re here for the massage. It is advisable that you let your therapist know of any injuries you have suffered or any allergies you have. You must also talk about the specific areas of your body where you are experiencing pain or muscle tension. Your answers will help our therapist work out the ideal Swedish massage plan that is especially directed at alleviating all your mental and physical problems.

The basic theology behind this form of therapy is to relax the whole body. Accordingly the massage is performed using long, smooth strokes following the movement of the blood returning to the heart. But, that’s not all. The massages you take work in many other ways.

The massage strokes raise the levels of oxygen in the blood and also help the muscles release toxic substances that further relaxes them. Blood circulates more efficiently through your body and even as the stress and stress causing hormone, cortisol melts away, you will feel a lovely warm feeling coursing through your body. Your muscles will feel like they are a lot more flexible and you can move better. In other words, the muscle knots or adhered tissues are relaxed. A typical Swedish massage lasts for about 50 minutes and in this time along with the cortisol, arginine vasopressin another hormone that causes production of cortisol is also lowered.

And there’s more. Studies have shown that taking these Las Vegas massages can raise the amount of lymphocytes or white blood cells in your body. As you know that a good white blood cell count is vital for your body fighting infections. So, you see, our Swedish massages can actually help raise your immunity levels. It will also interest you to know that besides the smooth strokes, the therapist also uses circular motions with the hands and palms. Where needed, kneading movements, tapping similar to percussion and stretching is also applied to provide a complete therapeutic massage.

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