The Wonders of Cold Stone Massages

The Wonders of Cold Stone Massages

Stone Therapy or Cold Stone Massages have been known to work wonders on the human body and these techniques have been around for centuries. Historical records show that the Chinese, Hawaiian, Native American and also ancient Egyptian and Hindu medicine used cold stones to induce healing in the body. We, at Opulence Spa bring you this ancient massage therapy that is known to cure many ailments.

This Henderson massage therapy is given to you in a serene relaxed ambience. When the therapist places the chilled stones on your skin, the blood vessels constrict or narrow down. Once the stones are removed, the blood vessels expand again and fresh blood brings nutrients and oxygen to the chilled sections. In this way, blood circulation is stimulated. Better circulation also contributes to the removal of impurities and other contaminants. You will slip into a state of total relaxation as all stress is released. You will feel all your anxiety and feelings of depression falling away and your skin will have a firmer appearance since inflammation is also reduced.

You will notice that the therapist uses two kinds of stones. They can be either marine sedimentary stones, marble or basalt stones. Marine stones form in the bed of the sea out of ancient limestone and have a lighter appearance. Marine and marble stones are known to have additional properties of boosting the absorption of calcium in the body and improving metabolism. Your immunity levels will also be bolstered as your bones and tissues become stronger and your body cells are rejuvenated. We make sure these stones are the right size and are carefully sanded by hand so they have the perfect smooth texture.

The Henderson/Las Vegas massage sessions that you take with us can be of different kinds. The first technique uses only cold stones and works to eliminate congestion in the sinuses, ease muscular injuries, and relieve the pain because of arthritis. This therapy can also lower menstrual discomfort, hot flashes and make you feel more energetic by boosting your stamina to accomplish all your everyday tasks. Depending on the conditions you need massage therapy for, the therapy can choose to use thermal contrasting. This technique involves alternating between hot and cold stones to induce healing. Your organs will develop better reflexes and blood circulation will be highly improved.

There is yet another Henderson/Las Vegas massage therapy and that is, cryofacial balancing. For instance, if you have red and puffy eyes, placing chilled, flat stones on them can help reduce the inflammation. Then again, if you have just taken a chemical peel, the therapist might choose to move the cold stones gently over your skin to soothe and cool the irritation you might experience. This technique is helpful on other sections of your body like, for example, if you have just had waxing done. In case you have muscular pain or swelling of the joints, the therapist might use a method called cocooning. Cold stones are placed all around the affected area to ease discomfort.

So, you see, the Henderson cold stone massage therapy we provide has a host of benefits that are both physical and mental. Please do call or visit us at our massage center at Opulence Spa at 702-733-8810 and talk to us about the problems you need us to care of. Let us tell you about the wondrous therapeutic effects this therapy can have.

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