Men’s Grooming

Men’s Grooming

Have you always thought that spas, salons, and beauty treatments are for women only? Think again! Because you couldn’t be more wrong. More and more men are opting for professional grooming treatments that can help them look their best. It’s perfectly reasonable to get a grooming session just before you have a date with the woman of your dreams or to present your best face for that ultimate job interview that can take your career to new heights. Visit Las Vegas Opulence Spa and we will talk to you about the special care we can take of your hair, skin, hands, feet, and any other area you think needs attention.

Men, typically have more issues with their skin than they’ll admit. In fact, they are more prone to acne and breakouts because of the high levels of testosterone in their bodies. This hormone also tends to make the skin oily. The specialized facials we have at our Henderson center can clean your skin thoroughly and rid it of the accumulated oils, dirt, and bacteria. Your skin will look fresh and resist acne better. These facials can also get rid of the tan and sun damage. Rely on our innovative products to reverse the signs of aging, moisturize your skin and give it a smooth, youthful glow.

Most men don’t give shaving a second thought. But, it will surprise you to know that you must use shaving creams and foams that soothe your skin. Make it a point to use aftershave products and moisturize well. If you’re not sure about the ideal products for your skin, our expert Las Vegas esthetician will be happy to guide you.

Opt for the manicures and pedicures at our salon and you can walk away with clean, well-kept hands. You might think that you don’t need pedicures but ingrown nails can be painful and getting rid of the dead skin can help you avoid the smelly socks. And, are you absolutely certain you won’t be wearing flip flops to your buddy’s pool party?

Hair removal is another concern that doesn’t just concern women. It’s nice to have a smooth, clean body that can show off those painstakingly gained abs and smart inking. Check out our waxing treatments and if you would prefer to eliminate the hair for good, consider going for the laser hair removal procedures.

At Opulence Spa, we understand that men need pampering too. So call us or contact us and we’ll tell you all about the men’s grooming treatments we have for you.


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