Spray Tanning – Bring Instant Summer to Your Skin

Spray Tanning – Bring Instant Summer to Your Skin

Looking for a gorgeous, natural-looking tan that keeps the pale, white look away? At Opulence Spa, we understand that like all busy people you don’t really have the time and luxury to spend long hours in the sun. We also know that you might not want to risk skin damage from long hours of sun exposure. That’s where our spray tanning comes in. These Las Vegas tanning sessions are the best way to get that superb bronze glow in almost an instant.

The effects of the spray tanning that you can get at our Henderson spa typically lasts for about 3 to 7 days and are very safe to use. The compounds we use contain a component called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that blends with the chemicals in your skin to give it that lovely tan. You can also choose the exact color you want to show off for the week.

While you could get the tan at home by yourself or with the help of a friend, visiting our Las Vegas spa will ensure that the tan is even and there are no unsightly, dark patches. Of course, the end result may vary from person to person depending on the skin tone you have, to begin with. The color can also depend on the chemical composition of your skin and how it reacts to the tanning solution.

You can choose to get the spray tan in our customized booth. This booth has a series of nozzles located at strategic points. All you need to do is stand in one of them and the tanning solution is sprayed on to your body. You will also be given a protective mask that you can wear on your face to keep your eyes, nose and mouth safe. If booths are not in your comfort zone, try the airbrushes also called air guns. These devices are smaller and hand held, and our expert esthetician will work with one for you. The effects of the session begin to appear about an hour afterwards and you’ll see the complete stunning glow 3 to 5 hours later.

The spray tan that you get with us dries quickly and is comparatively non-transferable. This means that you’re unlikely to get it on your clothes or your sheets if you give it the recommended time to dry completely. We will ask you to get a shave or wax at least a day before the session only if you’re looking for a darker color with a bronzer. If it’s a regular color you want, you can wax the same day also. You will also need to exfoliate your skin so that the dry and dead cells are removed before the tanning solution is sprayed on.

After getting a spray tan session at our Henderson spa, we will ask you to refrain from using any kind of products on your skin and that includes moisturizers, soap, or any others for at least 8 hours to achieve the best effects possible. Did we mention? You could reduce the cost of your weekly sessions by getting a membership with us at Opulence Spa and availing of awesome discounts. So, call us or contact us and let’s tell you all about this indispensable treatment that you absolutely need to see you through the winter.


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