Make a Dazzling First Impression with Teeth Whitening

Make a Dazzling First Impression with Teeth Whitening

Do you know that when you first meet someone for the first time, he or she is likely to focus on your eyes and smile? The best first impression is always the last and you’ll want to be remembered for your charming personality and brilliant smile. While your dentist can help you with the appropriate cleaning procedures, regular trips can be expensive and time consuming. If you could, instead get some whitening products that are effective and easy to use at home, that would be great! You can get just the products you need at our Henderson aesthetic clinic, Opulence Spa.

Have you often wondered why your teeth manage to get discolored? Well, here’s what happens. Your teeth are made of an inner dentin layer with the added protection of enamel as an outer layer. Unfortunately, enamel is porous and every time you eat food, take beverages, or even smoke, you’re left with some staining. The worst culprits are tea, coffee, tomato sauce and juice, nicotine, wine, specialized sports drinks, berries, hard candies and other such things. As they keep passing over your teeth, they form a thin film of pellicle over the enamel.

When you go for your routine cleaning to the dentist, she uses abrasive instruments and agents to scour and scrape away the pellicle layer. In fact, some of the whitening toothpaste you use also contains chemicals and other materials that scrub away pellicle much like using a scouring pad to clean the stains on your chinaware. Not all people find these treatments effective. For instance, people that have gray teeth or long-standing, serious bad coloring need extensive treatment like porcelain veneers and bonding to restore the natural appearance of their teeth.

Since going to dentist regularly is not a practical option, you need a Las Vegas teeth whitening treatment that you can use to ensure that the pellicle does not enter into the enamel pores too deeply. Once that happens, typical cleaning procedures are simply ineffective any more. While the pellicle is not harmful, it does leave an unattractive coloring on your teeth that you’ll want to remove. The Henderson whitening products that you can buy work to initiate a chemical process inside the pores of the enamel. This oxidation reaction breaks down the particles of the stain-causing elements and manages to remove them. In addition to the other compounds, our products also contain hydrogen peroxide that is a well-known active whitening agent.

Would you like more information about how this works? Contact us at our Las Vegas beauty center, Opulence Spa and we would be happy to give you the full details of our products and how effectively they work. We can help give you that dazzling smile that anyone meeting you will find impossible to forget.

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