Specialized Facials for Men

Specialized Facials for Men

Is your skincare routine restricted to just a shave, soap and water? Have you always thought that facials and specialized care is only for women? Think again. Because at Opulence Spa, we believe that men also need to take care of their skin with regular cleansing routines and skincare regimens. Like women, you also face skin damage because of the sun and pollution. Especially since you have probably never bothered with sunscreen. And unfortunately, the regular shaving you need to do actually compounds the problem. The facials you take at our Henderson spa can take care of all your skin issues.

We have special packages for men that include deep cleaning using customized crystal microdermabrasion techniques. This is very essential for you because men’s skins produce more oil thanks to the high levels of testosterone in their bodies. You need to clean this oil carefully or along with dirt, it can accumulate on your skin and close your pores. Eventually unsightly blackheads and pimples will begin to form. Interestingly though, it is not essential that excess oil also means that you have oily skin. Our expert esthetician will assess your skin to check for its dryness levels and design your Henderson facial accordingly.

We understand that the regular shaving you do tends to make you skin rough. It also causes irritation in the skin and you might have inflammation, razor burns and tiny bumps. Then again, the larger pores that men have, also need to be taken care of. The Henderson/Las Vegas facials you take with us can soften your skin, and hydrate and moisturize it. The smoother skin that results from this specialized care can make sure that the shaves you take are less abrasive and you will have fewer ingrown hairs. We use essential oils and with a combination of rejuvenating masks, we can help you look you best for your girl.

And, that’s not all. Our package also includes a deep tissue massage for your neck and shoulders so that you step out of our Henderson/Las Vegas facials center not just looking great but also feeling completely relaxed and stress-free. Need to know more? Call us or contact us at Opulence Spa and we can tell you all about the importance of skincare. And, after your Henderson facial with us, our esthetician will give you expert advice on how to maintain that handsome glow you’re walking out with.


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