Waxing – For Smooth, Fabulous Skin that is Bikini-ready

Waxing – For Smooth, Fabulous Skin that is Bikini-ready

Waxing – For Smooth, Fabulous Skin that is Bikini-ready

Waxing is possibly the most common of hair removal techniques and almost everyone is familiar with how it’s done. Whether for aesthetic reasons or just hygiene, you’re probably on the lookout for the best salon that can give you that smooth, fabulous skin you want. At Opulence Spa, we have for you expert beauticians that can perform it for you giving you results that last longer than any other waxing treatments.

Our clients often ask us if waxing is the best solution for unwanted hair. Should you opt for other methods of hair removal, you’ll have to deal with a prickly stubble almost by the end of the day. But, with waxing at our Las Vega spa, you can expect that the smoothness of your skin can be maintained for quite a few days. In fact, regular waxing sessions can actually reduce hair growth. That’s because frequent tugging weakens the hair follicles. You might notice that your skin stays hair-free longer and that you can go for months without the need for a touchup session.

And, that’s not all. When you get a waxing session at our Henderson spa, you also remove the top layer of dead cells of your skin. In this way, you get an exfoliation along with the wax. You can also remove the layer of impurities and unwanted tanning so that you skin seems fairer and clearer than before. You will love the silky softness of skin that that is satin smooth. Yet another advantage of waxing is that it is equally effective on both light hair like the growth on your upper lip or the coarse hair like the kind you see in the bikini and underarm area.

In case, you’re wondering if waxing can be done at home with a do-it-yourself kit, yes, you can. But, you need to be absolutely certain that you have heated the wax to just the right temperature or you risk scalding or burning yourself. In addition, waxing can be a messy job since it is sticky and tends to create strings. The expert professionals at our Las Vegas spa are well-trained in taking care of this task for you so you can be safe and free of the stickiness.

At Opulence Spa, we understand that unwanted hair is not just an issue that women face. In today’s times when having clean skin points to good grooming and sophistication, men need regular waxing sessions also. This is why, both men and women are welcome to avail of the services we offer.

Need to know more? Feel free to call us or contact us at our Las Vegas spa and we will be happy to give you all the information you need.


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