Hormones, genetic tendencies, pregnancy and childbirth, or just rapid weight gain or weight loss – all of these factors can cause the dreaded cellulite you see. Cellulite is the orange peel, lumpy effect on your skin that is caused by fat deposits. Although healthy diet plans and exercise regimens are the ideal way to lose weight, they help you drop the inches uniformly all over the body. Unfortunately, these weight loss programs leave behind pockets of fat in trouble areas such as the upper thighs, hips, back rolls, abdomen, and upper arms. Thankfully, the Opulence Spa in Las Vegas has the perfect solution for cellulite – Laser Contouring.

Laser Contouring is a safe, non-invasive procedure offered at our Henderson clinic that simply stimulates the dissolving of the layer of fat under the skin without damaging the upper layers. The carefully controlled low intensity red laser light works on the fat cells by inducing them to release the stored triglycerides. These compounds are the natural energy reservoirs of the body that it taps into when you undertake intense physical activities.

Just as the body burns the fat cells to get energy, lasers dissolve them so that they convert into glycerol and free fatty acids. As the body absorbs them to the lymphatic system, they pass out of the body naturally. Eventually, the cell debris is also carried away to the body’s waste disposal system.

In the weeks after the Laser Contouring treatment at the Las Vegas body workshop, you’ll see the orange peel disappearing as the skin smoothens and regains its youthful appearance. You need not worry about sagging skin either. That’s because lasers can work on the layer of collagen and elastin under the skin so that they begin to produce new cells. As this layer revives, it gives your skin a firmer appearance.

The Laser Contouring procedure at our Henderson center is completely safe with no possibility of any side effects. You won’t need to take time off from your activities since there is no downtime involved. Nor, will you have to worry about bruising. That’s because, the lasers tie off the capillaries so that they cannot bleed. The only directions you’ll have to follow are to drink plenty of water to help with the debris removal and take up light exercises to help with the fat cell breakdown.

Try the Laser Contouring with us at the Opulence Spa  702-733-8810and you can look forward to a gorgeous, toned body that is completely free of cellulite. Use the treatment as a compliment to your weight loss programs and see amazing results. For more information, call or contact us at the Opulence Spa in Las Vegas. Today!


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