Body Wraps at Opulence Spa for a Slim, Svelte You

Body Wraps at Opulence Spa for a Slim, Svelte You

Do you have an important occasion coming up that you want to look your best for? Are you looking for some kind of treatment that can shave off the inches and let you look slim and gorgeous in a short while? The Body Wraps that we offer you at our Henderson Spa might be just the solution you’re looking for. The slimming wraps, also called body masks or body cocoons that we offer can also help provide with you with a great first step for any weight loss program you’re looking to initiate.

The Henderson/Las Vegas Body Wraps that we use are perfectly safe to use on your skin and we include only organic ingredients to create the special salve that is applied on your body. Of course, if you’re sensitive to certain products, our aesthetician will make sure to customize the application to suit your particular skin type. These wraps can be used on any section of your body that you feel needs to be treated. We can wrap your neck, belly, buttocks, thighs and any other section.

When you arrive at our spa, we will first ask you to shower so that the pores of your skin open up and are more receptive to the treatment. Next, your skin is carefully exfoliated using dry brushing or sea salt. The fabric used for body wraps is a non-woven cloth that has been steeped in an organic solution that can contain sea algae, seaweed, green tea, sea salt, witch hazel, mud, and specialized clay. Over this cloth, an additional plastic or Mylar fabric is used finishing off with soft towels.

You can then lay back and relax for about 45 minutes as the magical solution works on your skin to dissolve some amount of cellulite so that you emerge with a toned, firm skin that has a smoother texture. This solution also helps to speed your metabolism so that it burns fat more efficiently. You will feel an icy sensation that amazingly, seems to be warm at the same time. We also use aromatherapy incenses and other scents to further relax and calm you while the massage therapist gives you a gentle head massage.

So, you see, our Las Vegas body wraps are a holistic treatment that works on your body and mind, together working to give you that stunning glow. After the prescribed time, the wrap will be removed with warm water. And, therapeutic oils, lotions and shea butter are applied to nourish and hydrate your skin. While you will feel wonderfully pampered after the treatment, the actual results appear over the next 72 hours. We also recommend that you drink lots of water that will help flush out the toxins. And, while your body is detoxing, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and food with a high salt content.

Does it really work? Why don’t you contact or call us at Opulence Spa and let us tell you all about the super treatment that can help you emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon of wellness

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