Rejuvenate Your Body from Top to Toe with Oxygen and Cocoon Wellness

Rejuvenate Your Body from Top to Toe with Oxygen and Cocoon Wellness

Are you looking for a complete rejuvenation system that can restore your gorgeous good looks and the youthful vitality of your body? Do you need some solution to reverse the effects of age and pollution? Do you feel tired all the time or feel that the diets and exercise regimens that you’re following aren’t making a dent in the inches? Are you so stressed all the time that it has begun to show on your face and affect your health and wellness?

Opulence Spa offers you a one-stop solution to rejuvenate both your looks and body. Opt for our incredible oxygenation facials to restore your skin so that the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles are erased. The oxygenation we give your skin can also reverse the damage caused by the free radicals in the atmosphere. Along with pure oxygen, we also offer infusions of peptides, stem cells sourced from plants and botanical enzymes, all of which can awaken the softness and smoothness of your skin so that it glows with radiance.

For your body, we offer the Cocoon Wellness Pro™, an awesome device that works to reverse the clock to invigorate your body. Spend some time in the cocoon that looks like a space age device and you’ll emerge looking and feeling fabulous. The device can sculpt and tone your body so that the unsightly bulges disappear by giving you the benefits of a high resistance workout. By raising your core temperature, it helps in the burning of calories so you lose weight faster and more efficiently.

And, there’s more. The massaging effects of the device help to soothe and relax you so you feel the aches and pains disappear making you feel young and energized. The Cocoon Wellness Pro™ also provides you with the benefits of aromatherapy so that you feel the stress melting away as the delicate scents refresh and renew your senses and your body.

You only need to sign up for the Oxygenation Facials and the Cocoon Wellness treatments with us. Within a short while, you’ll feel like your skin and body have received a new lease of life. Use the benefits of the procedures available at the Opulence Spa and walk away looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Need to know more? Visit us at the Opulence Spa and talk to our expert consultants. They can advise you on the best treatments that can do wonders for you. Call Today 702-733-8810!!


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